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Home Care

Insighte offers services from our trained professionals right at your doorstep.

Behaviour Therapist
Special  Educator
Home Support Teacher
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School Support

Our professionals help students in integrating into mainstream schools

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Online Care

Get India's best special educators and therapists to work with your child directly on our online platform.

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Child Counselling

We support the emotional needs of children's development through our expert counsellors who provide both parent and child support in resolving the issues that come in childhood and teenage.

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Our Promise

Family Collaboration
We adapt and design our approach to the needs of the child
Active Progress
As an active part of the intervention process, the parents get to be with the child at every milestone.
Unlike most insititutions, Insighte focuses on bringing the care to you in the best way possible rather than bringing you to us.
Social Skills
Our programs help foster necessary communication skills and assist the child in realizing and achieving their potential to socialize.
We help create a safe and welcoming atmosphere that the child is comfortable learning and developing in.
Reliable Care
A qualified and trained expert is ready to assist you with the needs of your child and you will get our monthly reports and progress on the app.
client review

Our parents vouch for us

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 “Mahenaaz has a very sweet disposition and is quite punctual, patient and  assertive. She has built a great rapport with Shlok and is able to keep him engaged for the duration of the class. He looks forward to his sessions with her. We have also noticed improvements in Shlok since Mahenaaz started her sessions with him - he is more verbal and communicates more with us. She takes the effort to discuss activities forecasted for the month, development plan and milestones achieved at the end of the month. We are glad to have engaged her for Shlok.”


Gayathri Mohanty

Vectors by

“My son was diagnosed with a milder form of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). In the process of searching for and hiring a Special Educator to support and settle my son in the initial year of school in Middle Years. The service has led to many fruitful conversations and positive outcomes for my child . The position required constant interaction not only with the child and the parent but with teachers and classmates, as well as the ability to liaise between the parent and school staff.



Vectors by

“I'm very happy that I chose Insighte.I was at first very hesitant to hire a shadow teacher as I was worried if my daughter would become dependent on the teacher completely and not learn to be independent, but I love the way Chitra works with my child. She knows where to draw the line. She not only helps her in her online classes, but also guides her how to be independent. For instance, When the class teacher says open page 20 and write today's date, most of us would tend to do it for them but Chitra will repeat the instructions so that my daughter will do it herself. She clearly knows where to help and where to stay away and give my child a chance to explore it herself. 




Our Clients Know Best

Sharing some love we received

"Meghana was responsible for managing my son’s attention toward what was taught in class. She was also observing and reviewing his social skills when interacting with his peers and teachers, refining his skills, and intervening when required. Over time they built a trusting relationship that brought lasting positive change for my son in school ."
Yasmin Vagale
“We got recommended of Insighte from one of our friends and subsequently also by our son's school and we now realise why it's such a highly recommended organization. Insighte is very good with understanding its clients' needs and then promptly arranging for the right help. We took insighte services for our son's shadow teacher and also for individual sessions and every time insighte teachers have come across as highly effective, professional and dedicated. Aparna has made tremendous progress with our son.”
Harneet Kaur
Thank you is just a word which cannot be expressed in words but I would really like to thank Insighte and Ruth so much for all the best efforts they have put for Sahana. The motivation and the backbone of Sahana 's growth and the knowledge gaining was because of Ruth. She supported us throughout and after being taught by Ruth, her basics became better. She can slowly understand the process and she started to improve a lot. I am grateful to Insighte and to Ruth for encouraging her.”
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