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We bring child care services to where the children are

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Our vision is to support inclusion by convincing the  mainstream settings that adding neurodiverse students will actually make the enviornment better be it home, school or in a public space.

We started by supporting children in mainstream classrooms by providing them shadow teachers from psychology background and brought inclusion in over 100+ children's lives.

We provide therapy and special education support at home to facilitate inclusion at home and provide them access where they are.

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Our Approach to Care

Building an Inclusive World together
child centered

Child Centered

We do not try to alter the child
but make the world more inclusive

care in natural enviornment

Natural Enviorment

The care should reach where the child is be it home, school or online

innovative care

Innovative care

We put data and innovation
at the centre of our care.

Our Team

Midhun Noble

co FOunder

Midhun is a Social Entrepreneur who has been part of building and scaling several social ventures. Midhun has a Bachelors in Psychology and MBA in Marketing and is presently pursuing his PhD in the Accessibilty space.

Meghana Ravikumar

Head of Operations

Meghana  holds a Masters in Psychology and a PG Diploma in Special Education and coordinates, manages our programs.

Dr Bindiya Shajith

Head of pROGRAMS

Dr Bindiya is a TEACCH certified professional. She has a PhD in School Psychology from NCSU, USA and has over 15+ years in working with neuro-diverse children. She designs and supervises the programs at Insighte

Navya Bachanna

HR MANAGER and child psychologist

Navya Bachanna holds a Masters in Clinical psychology. She handles our recruitment, clients and employees grievances.

Allinclusive Foundation

Supported by

Allinclusive Foundation is a sister concern of Insighte whose Board serves as advisors for Insighte in facilitating inclusion.

Our Childcare Experts

Praneesha Preman T

Praneesha Preman T

child psychologist

Praneesha holds a Masters in Psychology and her approach is focused on enhancing children's interpersonal skills and social relationships.

Kavitha M Insighte therapist

Kavitha M

child psychologist

Kavitha  has a Masters in Psychology and her pioneering teaching methods are loved by the children she works with as they are combined with creativity and play to foster social skills.

Mahenaaz Haque Insighte therapist

Mahenaaz Haque Reza

Sr behavior therapist

Mahenaaz is a certified Graphologist and holds a Masters in Psychology. She has made a huge impact with children by advocating for personal boundaries and assertiveness for children.

Meenal Bachwat

Rushali Chengappa

asst child psychologist

Rushali holds a Masters in Psychology. Her work approach is based on using a multisensory approach for children with ADHD, Autism, Learning Disability at schools.

Chitra Shekar

Chitra Shekar

Asst child psychologist

Chitra has a masters in Psychology and advocates for the Mental Health and wellbeing of the child by giving voice to the child

Supritha HP

Radhika Mapara

asst child psychologist

Radhika holds a Masters in Psychology and believes in working and integrating the work of all the stakeholders to implement Inclusion.

Nikita Nath

asst child psychologist

Nikita has a masters in Psychology. She believes in working with stakeholders while making behavior modifications for a child

Anusha Alva

Anusha Alva

Asst child psychologist

Anusha holds a Masters in Psychology and follows a child friendly and holistic approach in her sessions.

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