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"Natural Environments"  of your child includes settings, materials, people and activities your child is familiar with to improve their quality of life.

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TEACCH based Approach
TEACCH is a ‘whole-of-life’ program. It focuses on the natural skills and strengths children already have, and aims to build on these to promote development.

 A review of more than 150 autism-intervention studies found that  TEACCH program has the strongest evidence of educational benefits .
  • Child Centered and rights based approach for Autism
  • Structured TEACCHing provides strategies and tools to use in the classroom.
  • Improves social communication, attention and executive function
  • Improvements in motor skills and cognitive measures
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Our parents vouch for us

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" Its not only teaching but the relation between the therapist and the student is very important. This is what we could see in Mariam. She was "the best" for my son . She helped him to be comfortable and could get him to understand and focus in his class. He is now able to independently answer and submit his tasks with confidence."

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I've never had the feeling that someone else could teach my daughter the way I do. But honestly for the first time I felt Chitra takes extra care to exceed my expectations. I really appreciate the approach of Insighte by conducting reviews and having realistic goals and reviews every month.

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"Kiran is a great mix of fun and work. She combines different techniques, training aids and makes even the most difficult themes easy. She's extremely patient and persevering with Aadya. She's  her friend and we are grateful to have her and Insighte"