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What it means to work at Insighte

Young and Energetic

We're a group of thoughtful, inquisitive, and collaborative people that are always
eager to play and learn.


Having a ‘ahaa’ moment each day!

Working with children is a give and take. Insighte is in our name and we live upto the experience you will gain with the children each day


Creating Accessibility and Inclusion every day!

We make classrooms, homes and public spaces inclusive for children with special needs.


Share their Voice

Everyone is given a chance to express their opinions and feel heard at Insighte. You will also learn to stand and defend the voice of the child and help them express their needs.


Being a self starter

We treat everyone at Insighte as an Independent consultant and you are respected and paid for your time based on clients you work with. We look for those who can think and work independently on their own.


Learn from one another

Learning and sharing your work with the team members and being open to feedback are key skills we value.


Who's onour Team

A diverse bunch of psychologists and individuals working in our team all across bangalore and now expanding to other cities.

meghana radhikachitrarushalianusha alvapraneeshanikita

Well we haveThe fun bit !

We know to have our own share of fun too !


We offer some of the bestWorking Perks

Client Based Pay

We offer you client based payments which means there is no limit to what you can earn

benefit 1

Not a 9-5 Job

You work with your clients where they are no need to visit office other than for training.

benefit 2

Learn while you earn

We have some of the best trainings and courses to ensure you grow in your career

benefit 3

We  equip you with the best skills

We train you and supervise you round the year to ensure you are a top professional

benefit 4

Example briefs


Example briefs
benefit 5


Asst Child Psychologist
On site
School Inclusion Facilitator
Bangalore and other cities
On site
Speech Therapist
On site

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Some simplevalues we live for

Be thoughtful

This is an inclusive space. Think about how what you say could be taken by people with a different perspective to you.

Be friendly

Start by assuming everyone here is nice and act in the same way.

Be empathetic

Understanding each other. Imagine how people are feeling. Let’s be sensitive and create an empathetic environment.

Be honest

Sometimes work is great. Sometimes it is less great. Let’s give constructive feedback whenever we can. It improves our work and our impact.

Be generous

Be open about your work and experiences. No one here is looking to rip you off. Share what you do and what you know.