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Now get access to India's best childcare experts online for Autism, ADHD, Learning Disability etc. Get special education, therapy, counselling services where you are.

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Child Centered
We offer our services for the child to develop and learn alike at their own pace. It's important to us that the child is also involved in the decision making process.
Accessible any where
With our online services, a wide range of intervention and resources is now available to you easily and efficiently wherever you are.
Digital Safety
We ensure the safety of each child we work with by following strong security and ethical protocols.
One on One sessions
Our online program is especially adaptable to the personal needs of the child.

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Sajid had really regressed after online schooling started but Maya was able to teach him really well. He looks forward to her sessions.
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Swati really assisted him in transitioning into the online school setting and made him feel comfortable. We truly appreciate Swathi and Insighte’s effort and everything that she has done for our son!
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Online Care

Hourly packages


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Supports ADHD, Autism, Slow Learners, Learning Disability etc

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Bridges the learning gaps

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Special Education

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Behavioral Therapy

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NIOS Support

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Monthly goals and report

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Speech Therapy

Starting at


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Speech and Language Disorders

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AAC Training

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RCI Registered speech language pathologists

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Monthly Plans Available

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Child Counselling

For career or counselling support


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Safe and Secure Counselling  

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Qualified Child Psychologists

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Child Rights based approach

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Addresses academic,social, behavioral concerns

Our most common asked questions.

Can online learning work for child with Autism?

Many individuals with autism feel more comfortable learning online, if they can anticipate what is going to happen next. You can improve their online learning experience by setting and maintaining a schedule.

What services are provided online?

Special Education and Speech are our most preferred services online. We support academic, counselling and behavioral goals in our programs. We also equip the parents to work with their children.

Is online therapy effective for children ?

Peer-reviewed research studies does show that computer based therapy methods are effective in counselling for children. The individual attention and self paced atmosphere supports the child in the way they need.

How do I start ?

You can start by booking a free consultation call with our team psychologist who will help you link with the right specialist for your child's needs.
You will get monthly goals, reports and progress notes from Insighte every month.

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