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Anjana Sathyabodha

I am a speech language pathologist providing intervention for children and young adults who need to use multimodal communication including Augmentative and Alternate Communication

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Multimodal Communication Approach
Speech and Language Therapy Consultations

My Approach

About The Therapist

Anjana Sathyabodha is an RCI certified Speech-Language Pathologist from All India Institute of Speech and Hearing with over 12 years of experience including 5 years in the UK. She specializes in Autism and Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) 

She strongly believes that every child can communicate and hence strives to customize a communication toolbox based on the child’s communication level and needs. 

She provides online consultations and tele-therapy services to families in need of communication intervention and provides coaching to parents to facilitate basic and advanced language using a naturalistic and multimodal communication approach.


Moving and Beyond Need- Based Communication

Learn Simple and Effective ways to foster communicative functions such as commenting, expressing an opinion, sharing a personal experience etc

Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC)

Discover best suited alternative and augmentative systems of communication for your child

Personalizing AAC Apps

Customize AAC systems for your child and determine the best ways to teach new content and improve learning using AAC

Comprehensive Literacy Instruction

Comprehensive literacy instruction is a framework to support emergent and conventional learners to become independent learners

Group online sessions for AAC users

Affordable, 45 minute online group sessions for children and young adults who use AAC. Building communicative competencies, shared reading and writing classes are offered.

Training and Professional Development

CPI ( Communication, Participation, Interaction) An ongoing coaching program suitable for any professional, paraprofessional, inclusive schools and organizations who need training and support to implement AAC or facilitate communication for their students.

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