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September 25, 2023

What Kind of Therapy Is Best for ADHD?

ADHD, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, cause hyperactivity, inattention and impulsive behaviors. It is not a disease it's a neurodevelopmental disorder

Behaviour therapy

This involves a reward system to encourage appropriate behaviors. So praising and encouraging a child for small successes is essential. Structuring activities and planning schedules is required for behaviour management. This is all done through behaviour therapy but the execution of this involves parents, teachers, and all kinds of caregivers to the child. The goal here is to replace behaviours.

Social skills training

This involves putting the child in a hypothetical situation through role plays, situation based examples and making them understand how to interact in social situations. They will be able to notice how their behaviour can affect others.

Parent training

This helps parents understand more what their child is going through and accordingly be of support to the child. Parents will understand how to play or talk to their child. It boosts parents confidence to be of support to their child.

Cognitive behavioural therapy

This helps to change thought patters to more positive ones. It can help improve thoughts children can have regarding a task or procrastination.

Behavioral classroom management

This is done with special help provided to children. Positive behaviours are encouraged through the process of rewards given. It could be through well played cards, behavior charts etc. This will help in reducing negative behaviors. Sometimes providing this to a child all the time by a teacher may be difficult if not impossible, this might disrupt progress an ADHD child is making. Hence, shadow teachers can be provided.

Shadow teachers

They help special needs children bridge the gap in the learning process and to promote positive Behaviors in the classroom. The shadow teacher provides support in many ways, like making sure the child focuses and is organized in class. This benefits the child as the child receives educational enrichment. The technique used by each shadow teacher is different. If there is a change in shadow teacher, make sure the transition process is clear and smooth.  

The most important and essential tip is that caregivers need to provide or show love towards the child. Always correcting behaviours and scheduling can get frustrating. So always keep the love and fun alive.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is exactly what it sounds like: learning through the process of play. For children with ADHD, the goal of play therapy is to build social interaction and communication skills and, in the long run, to enhance children's ability to engage in novel activities and symbolic play.

You can start by connecting with your child through simple chase-and-tickle games, bubble blowing, or sensory activities such as swinging, sliding, or wriggling through a tube. As your child's abilities grow, you may be able to build toward back-and-forth ‚Äčturn-taking games, collaborative games, or even make-believe.

When you chose any interventions for your child ensure it's strength based and not trying to fix the child in any manner.