Role of a Shadow Teacher in Classroom

September 25, 2023
Kiran Hemnani

You've probably heard the term “shadow teacher” floating around, but you're probably not sure what that entails. Although the word may appear intimidating, many parents prefer a shadow teacher to secluded special needs environments or special schools. Let’s understand everything below.


Who are shadow teachers?

Shadow teachers are co-teachers or para-educators, who monitor and assist a specific child’s progress in class. In India, they are often assigned to children with special needs. They sit with the child in a regular classroom and make sure that the child is given social, educational and physical support in a classroom that outstrips them in all these categories. The goal is to make sure that they help these children to eventually become part of a mainstream classroom and give them the ability to function individually in such a set-up.

Lead teachers, especially in large Indian classrooms, are unable to pluralize teaching to suit children with specific learning needs. These can be children with behavioral, developmental or learning disorders. 

Shadow teachers bridge this gap and take the child with special needs under their wing.”

Why opt for a shadow teacher?

What do shadow teachers typically do?

How do you find shadow teachers and what qualifications do you look for?

Other qualification you can look for a shadow teacher are

Schools in Bangalore that allow shadow teachers:

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