Need for positive/gentle parenting for Neurodiverse children

September 25, 2023
Tenzin Dolma


Need for positive/gentle parenting for Neurodiverse children


We will all agree when I say parenting is a very selfless job. However, when it comes to neurodiverse children, along with being selfless, one must also be equipped with other qualities such as empathy, understanding, and a lot of hope. 

It is important to understand that all behavior is simply a response to the environment or a specific circumstance and is a mode of communication. Our kids are trying to tell us something through their behaviors, not simply trying to frustrate or torture us. When we understand that, we can address the challenges more effectively.


Some of the purposes causing their behaviors can be:

·       Escape or avoidance of a place, a situation, or a task.

·       Social attention from adults or peers.

·       Sensory stimulation.

·       To get access to a preferred item, activity, place, or to protest the limitation of an access.

·       Control or power: When a child feels powerless, certain behaviors may give them the feeling of control in their world.

Overall, when we start from a place of empathy for our neurodiverse kids, we can better understand and address their dysregulation and the behaviors that come along with it. Celebrate small steps toward a larger goal and keep your focus on what you can do to set your child up to thrive. Ask what conditions and supports they need to help make that happen and involve them in determining those supports whenever possible.