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Proper care starts with asking and seeking answers.

Home care

1. How do I get  Insighte services at Home? 

You can start by booking a free consultation call with our team psychologist who will help you link with the right specialist for your child's needs.

2. What can I expect from a 60 min session?

For the first few sessions, our trainers will be working on establishing rapport with the child. Post which, our trainers will prepare materials and bring necessary resources to work with your child for every session.

3. Can parents be involved in the session?  

 We only invite parents to the sessions when we need their participation in activities or if we want you to replicate them once the sessions are completed as their presence may distract the child

5. Do you do assessments and diagnosis?

 We only do informal assessments where we try to identify the level the child is at and come up with goals and intervention plans for the same. We do not give a diagnosis or recommend a treatment plan for the child. 

7. What approach does Insighte follow for therapy ?

Insighte intervention models are designed using TEACCH and child rights based principles. Insighte only uses some principles of ABA but does not follow ABA Approach

8. What are the cancellation charges?

Appointments canceled/rescheduled at least 24 hours prior to the session time will not be charged. Appointments canceled/rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice/ No show will be charged 50% of the price. 

6. Is there a demo session?

We would be happy to conduct a demo session for your child however it is charged as per price discussed with our team as we would need to consider the transportation cost.   

4. Is there flexibility on how many sessions I can take per month?

Yes, The no of sessions and timings are chosen based on the convenience of the parents and the therapist. Sessions can be increased or decreased depending on the parent and therapist’s recommendations.

Shadow Teacher

1. How will the therapist communicate with the parents ? 

The trainer will share a progress note, goal report with you from the second month onwards. Please take a note of the same and work with the therapist on the goals.We provide a daily update on our app.

2. How does the therapist work with the school?

We work closely with the schools we are associated with. If the school has a SEN department, we take their inputs and training into the curriculum. We encourage schools to be in open discussion with them throughout the year and try to help our support teachers create the best environment for the wards they work with.

3. What does a shadow teacher do?

The role of a shadow teacher is to understand the cognitive level of the child and work accordingly. They make an Individualized Education Program for the child which includes SMART goals and lesson plans with collaboration with the parents. 

5. What are the qualifications of the therapist?

The therapists at Insighte have a Bachelors or Masters in Psychology and are trained in Child psychology, Shadow teacher program which includes AAC, TEACCH. They are under supervision of our mentors.

6. Which schools do we provide shadows for?

Insighte provides services for 25+ schools. Anyone who need shadow teacher services can reach out to us. To know more, please check out our blog -

7. What does the shadow teacher/therapist work on?

We mainly ensure children have a holistic and empowering experience at school and facilitate an inclusive environment for the child. We use only those intervention approaches and strategies that are respectful of and do not violate the developmental readiness and the rights of the child.

8. What are the things the therapist doesn't work on?

We don’t work on toilet training, eye contact, sitting tolerance and increasing attention span and stimming behaviors. We also don't work on the child behavior to fit into a neurotypical manner.

4. What is the approach used by our shadow teacher?

 Our shadow teachers follow a TEACCH based approach. We do not use ABA approach as it tries to change the behaviors of the children and fit into a neurotypical norm.

graphic depicting online learning assistance

Online Care

1. What kind of accommodations do online platforms have for my Autistic child?

Children with autism are often visual learners. Our trainers use whiteboards, emoticons, videos and interactive tech that makes the learning process more enriched for the child. Our trainers a are also trained to use AAC and they incorporate the same in their online sessions for children who do not use speech to communicate.

3. How do you establish rapport in online mode?

Our therapists are creative and give constructive feedback to the child for every little step he/she is taking in online sessions, they make the sessions attractive so that the child has an interest in it and it helps to establish rapport

2. How do I know if online care would be effective for my child?

We understand your child might not be able to navigate and use the platform right. We recommend that an adult or caregiver be present only for the first few sessions to ensure the child feels comfortable and can make sense of what is happening. 

4. How do eliminate distractions and extraneous variables?

The most effective way is the usage of earphones/headsets. The child should be in a place with minimum noise and the involvement of parents/helpers should be minimized.

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