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The emotional companion for your child's transformative experience.

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When to seek counselling support for your child ?

Is your child struggling with behavioral or emotional issues or there is a sudden change in their learning ?

You see their is a sudden difference in their behavior towards parents, in school and their peers.

You see that they need support in day to day things and they have been struggling to express their problems.

Child counselling will provide them a safe enviornment to share their problems with the help of a child counsellor who will be able to guide your child.

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Child Centered
We offer our services for the child to develop and learn alike at their own pace. It's important to us that the child is also involved in the decision making process.
Accessible any where
With our online services, a wide range of intervention and resources is now available to you easily and efficiently wherever you are.
Digital Safety
We ensure the safety of each child we work with by following strong security and ethical protocols.
One on One sessions
Our online program is especially adaptable to the personal needs of the child.

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Sajid had really regressed after online schooling started but Maya was able to teach him really well. He looks forward to her sessions.
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Swati really assisted him in transitioning into the online school setting and made him feel comfortable. We truly appreciate Swathi and Insighte’s effort and everything that she has done for our son!
Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia.
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Our most common asked questions.

Why do children misbehave ?

Every child's behavior has an underlying cause. If the reasons for these emotional and behavioral changes in them are identified early the better we can help them to manage their challenges in their transofrmative years.

What is the need for parental counselling ?

Parents are often overwhelmed by being the parent and get blind sided with their stress and anxiety. Parents also often keep trying to fix the child and the counselling needs to be a two way process with parents also seeking counselling for their role in improving the child's emotional outcomes.

What kind of counselling support does Insighte provide ?

We provide counselling support for their academic, behavioral, emotional and any other social challenges that they may face by providing them a safe space.

The therapy can be availed online and at your home in some cities.

How is Child Counselling done ?

You can book a free consultation with an Insighte Child Therapist who will guide you to a verified child counsellor.

The sessions begin by understanding the causes of the child's challenges and gives them a safe space to express themselves and provide strategies and tools that would help them and parents manage the situtations better.

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