This training program trains its participants in the various areas in which they will be required to support the neuro-diverse student, observe other psychologists and learn other essential skills such as coordinating with the school teachers, parents and the child's environment with a guaranteed placement offer.

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Course Modules

Working with the Child's Environment

A shadow teacher works not only with the child they are assigned, but must also collaborate with the parents, general education teachers and the environment of the child when it comes to supporting them.  After all it takes a village to raise a child.

Module 1
2 hours

Role of Shadow Teachers

A shadow teacher is an educational assistant who works directly with a single child with special needs during his/her early school years. Providing a shadow teacher allows the child to attend a mainstream class while receiving the extra attention that he/she needs.

Module 2
2 hours

Play Skills

Play is a primary human function; play is one of the fundamental spiritual elements of life. But play is also a major culture forming factor, it is an element present in every culture and it is so significant that it makes every culture resemble a game.

Module 3
2 hours

SMART Goals and Managing Behaviors

The SMART in SMART goals stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Behavior management includes identification of the problem behavior, education , replacement behaviors, alterations to the individual’s environment to reduce the negative behavior.

Module 4
2 hours

TEACCH Approach

Treatment and Education of Autistic related Communication Handicapped Children (TEACCH) is an evidence based academic program which is based on the understanding that children with autism are visual learners and thus teaching should be adapted to suit their needs. 

Module 5
3 hours

Pre-Literacy and Pre-Numeracy Skills

Pre-literacy  and Pre-numeracy are the basics when it comes to academic intervention for children. Learn how they are distinguished and how can one facilitate these interventions for the child

Module 6
2 hours

Gross Motor and Fine Motor Skills

Gross motor skills and Fine motor skills are muscles that support children with various activities. Learn how do these skills interfere with the intervention planned for the child.

Module 7
2 hours

Social Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is the process of developing the self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are vital for school, work, and life success.

Module 8
2 hours

Ethics, Child Rights and Child Participation

Working with children comes with a sense of responsibility and understanding their rights. This becomes a necessity to bring out the best in your sessions with them

Module 9
2 hours

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What our students say

It was a good experience. I gained lots of knowledge which fortunately will help me in my future. In this training, I got a clear picture of how one can very gently deal with special children based on their requirements which definitely one can apply while dealing with such children. The mentors are very friendly , they are always available to clear the doubts. Overall it was interesting and helpful.
Shivani Rao
I joined Insighte training program after I saw the training brochure shared in my college. I worked under an Insighte therapist for a week to understand the child and his needs. I was given the opportunity to design and customize intervention plans for him after observation. It has been educational as well as tough as I never knew so many things. We had the TEACCH training workshop which were very helpful as we learned tips and new as well as different activities that can help the child to learn and be engaged in different ways. I was hired through this training program though I am still finishing my last semester of post graduation. This is a good learning opportunity as well as an excellent work experience.
Manogya Ahlawat
It has been an invaluable experience for me as the knowledge imparted has been more practical oriented. I have learnt much, especially from the examples given by the shadow teachers and how they tackle the problems they encounter on a daily basis. It has made me more confident while working with children. The attentiveness and response from everyone throughout the training period made me feel like a part of this small group of people filled with Insighte.
Rafiya Banu
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