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Child Psychology Program

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Course Modules

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Child Development

A brief understanding of the delays in milestones and the needs and opportunities that would help children in achieving the necessary skills and abilities.

Module 1
2 hours
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Context, Experience and Inner Voice

Understanding a child's perspective from where they are from or what they are dealing with to understand the triggers for their behavior

Module 2
2 hours
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Working with the Child's Environment

An enriching environment fosters healthy and holistic development of the child. we can help children to learn adequately effectively with a proper environmental set up. "modifying environment makes half the work done"

Module 3
2 hours
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"Play is work and work is play"! This is the quote most Play therapists live by, Play is one of the fundamental spiritual elements in life which not only serves as a tool for child development by also means to a mode of intervention

Module 4
2 hours
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Neuro-developmental Disorders aand Assessments

Neurodevelopmental Disorders are conditions that affect how one uses their brain functions, Assessments for these disorders are done to evaluate the child's abilities, difficulties and needs.

Module 5
2 hours
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IEP Planning and Behavior Objectives

Individualized Education Plan is a comprehensive document comprised of all the services and interventions for a child who requires Special Education. It is created by all the stakeholders who work with the child.

Module 6
2 hours
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Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Gender and Sex are two common interchangeably used words . Puberty can be a tough phase for parents in understanding the adolescents as they begin to question their identity, their orientation.

Module 7
2 hours
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Applied Behavioral Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis ( ABA) is a n approach based on the idea of reinforcement and punishment where a child is rewarded every time a positive behavior is displayed and reprimanded when a negative behavior is displayed.

Module 8
2 hours
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Treatment and Education of Autistic related Communication Handicapped Children ( TEACCH) is an evidence based academic program which is based on the understanding that children with autism are visual learners and thus teaching should be adapted to suit their needs

Module 9
2 hours
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Alternative Augmentative Communication

Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) are often used as aids for communication for children or adults who have difficulties with speech and language

Module 10
2 hours
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Early Childhood Care and Education

Early Childhood Care and Education/ Development ( ECCD) is a before school program that aims towards a holistic development of a child's social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs in order to ensure child's lifelong learning and wellbeing.

Module 11
2 hours
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Special Education, Working with Learning Disabilities and ADHD

Providing Academic support for students by incorporating accommodations in classrooms and pedagogy that addresses their individual differences and enhances learning

Module 12
2 hours
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Career Counseling

Guiding and mentoring students on how to differentiate between a career path, a job and an occupation based on the abilities and interests possessed by the student.

Module 13
2 hours
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Centre Based Interventions

Understanding the effectiveness and implementation of how a clinic or a centre based intervention can impact children with special needs

Module 14
2 hours
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ACES and Trauma Informed Approach

Adverse Childhood Experiences include various forms of abuse, neglect and dysfunctions experienced by children in their childhood.

Module 15
2 hours
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Understanding Child Protection System in India

Brief Understanding about National Child Helpline Number in India, the several facilities and Laws that guarantee children their rights

Module 16
2 hours
graphic depicting online learning support.

Voices of Children

Working with children requires you to not just think from the child's perspective but also asking children themselves what their experiences working with therapists have been like

Module 17
2 hours

Our Mentors

Ashika Shetty

Ashika Shetty is a child rights worker and ex member of the Child Welfare Committee of Karnataka . She has a history of working in the space of children and education for more than 15 years. She advocates for rights of a child specific to body autonomy and gender inclusiveness.

Chitra Paul

Ms Chitra Paul is a Parent of a teenager on the autism spectrum. She is also a  Special Educator, Inclusion Advocate and a Parent Mentor. She holds a MA in Special Ed and Inclusion from the University of Northampton, UK. She is also the Coordinator of the  Autism Course at KPAMRC.

Manjunath Jamathi

Manjunath is a structural engineer turned socio-edupreneur, an educational leader, and facilitator at Sesame Street Preschool Yelahanka, Bengaluru. He holds a master's degree in Inclusive Education (MSc) from the University of Edinburgh

Ashwini N V

Ashwini N.V is the founder- director of Muktha Foundation, an organization committed to prevent interpersonal abuse and promote mental health.  She is a counselling psychologist with practice and research interest in the area of intervention and prevention of interpersonal violence.

Dr. Sowmya Puttaraju

Dr.Sowmya Puttaraju, is a certified psychotherapist from the Albert Ellis Institute U.S.A. She holds a Ph.D. and MPhil in Psychology. She freelances as a consultant psychologist/counselor/ mind-coach/visiting faculty at different spaces (from corporate to educational institutions) to diversify interests.

Roopneet Dhillon

Roopneet Kaur Dhillon by profession is a Counselling Psychologist and an RCI licensed Special Educator. She primarily works with children who have learning difficulties, slow learners, children with intellectual disabilities and ADHD.

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What our students say

The Child Psychology program was really very knowledgeable. It helped me gain insight!! Initially, I was under the impression that it is super easy to work with children, but the techniques shared in the program needs professional practice. In general, the program was very interactive and thus it was activity/assignment based, we were actually able to apply the teachings. I enjoyed every session, each speaker was mastered in their area of topic and were always ready to solve our doubts. Thank you so much "Insighte" for such a great program.
Student- CPP 3
Child psychology program has been one of the best courses I have ever signed up for until now. The practical knowledge shared by the experienced mentors is just priceless. Anyone aspiring to work with children, should definitely take up this course. It has personally given me so many experiences and tools that will help me be a better child psychologist. This course has also made me more confident to work in the field of child psychology.Kudos to the Insighte team for coming up with this course!
Monisha Mohan
Student- CPP 2
The child psychology internship programme conducted by Insighte happens to be a very influential and thoughtful series of knowledge sharing sessions accompanied by Live Assignments. This will definitely help in moulding our thoughts to serve the children of the society at our best. The program also intends to awaken our conscience in different ways so that we can practice and preach for the betterment of children , thus rising above the social stigma and spreading happiness by our actions. It was a great platform to learn from and interact with many experts!!
Pallabi Gowswami
Student- CPP 1
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